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“Smartphone-ize” your business

Smartphones are ubiquitous. Each new generation of phones has more and better capabilities. Already, even the most basic cell phones are capable of making calls, sending and receiving text messages and accessing the internet.

Higher models have even more capabilities: storing and playing audio and video files, playing streaming audio and video, GPS, calendar, contact management, voice recordings, still and video cameras and more.

Smartphones are the pinnacle of the cell phone pyramid. Their capabilities are almost infinitely expandable through the use of downloaded applications (“apps”) which can do nearly anything that a full-sized computer can do.

A hybrid of these are new tablet devices. Tablets are essentially Smartphones with giant screens, though usually with the phone capabilities disabled or removed. Think of the iPad and similar tablets.

All this capability has led, naturally enough, to people using their phones for more and more tasks. Some of those tasks include interacting in new ways with the businesses those users patronize.

The most basic thing you can do

Because smartphone and tablet screens come in all different sizes and resolution capabilities (so do computers for that matter), the single easiest and most important thing you can do is to ensure that the content and layout of your website is dynamically resizable.

What that means is that when a user goes to your website, no matter what size screen they are using, your site will detect it and automatically adjust itself accordingly. The most advanced adjustment options even allow the layout to change and content to move around for better display on smaller screens.

This is still an imperfect one-size-fits-all option but adding this capability is relatively easy and will go a long way to improving the user experience of your customers.


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