Profiting From Facebook

I have a confession to make: I don’t use Facebook personally. I think it’s a big waste of time. But I do use it professionally. Precisely because it’s a big waste of time.

Let me explain.

Unless you’ve been living in a monastery these last few years, you have certainly heard of Facebook. You may use it yourself. In fact, you may or may not have read the statistic that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous country in the world. Behind only China and India.

You only need a very tiny fraction of that “population” to buy your product or service for you to be resoundingly successful.

Even if you’re familiar with Facebook, you may not realize that “corporate” pages on Facebook are different from personal pages. (I’m lumping all types of organizations including non-profits, businesses, and even governmental entities under the umbrella term of corporate because they’re all more or less the same on Facebook for purposes of our discussion here.)

They have most of the same components – a comment wall, photo album and the like – but you can’t add friends from a corporate page on Facebook. In fact, you can’t reach out at all. People can find you but you can’t go looking for them.

The only way to draw them to you is through your advertising and promotional efforts.

Have you ever noticed the ads on Facebook pages? There are actually two general formats, with each having multiple types. We’ll discuss each and its relative merits separately.


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FB is the world’s 3rd most populous “country”. You only need to sell to a fraction of that population.