How often to Tweet

How often should you tweet?

The CEO of tweets only once every few months. That may work for him but if you expect to use Twitter as a serious business building tool, you should plan to tweet at least once every workday. Of course if you come up with interesting or informative tidbits more often, even if at irregular intervals, don’t hold back!

Going back to the example of a tow truck company, if one of your drivers reports a terrible accident on one of the major roadways in your area, tweet that immediately to all your followers. Likewise if there is snow, flooding, high winds or other conditions which can make driving hazardous.

Or maybe you’re a tax accountant and you learn some new loophole in the tax law at a training seminar or over lunch with another accountant, tweet that right on the spot.

There are two reasons why:

  1. It makes it less likely that you’ll forget to tweet it later.
  2. The unpredictability of your messages will actually increase your followers’ interest in receiving them.



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