What the heck are retweets?

A retweet is to Twitter what forwarding is to email.

Twitter users who like a tweet can retweet it to all their followers. It doesn’t matter if they got that tweet from the original source or if it was retweeted to them by someone else. This is the word-of-mouth phenomenon applied to the internet age.

If you write a blog post or other article anywhere online and want to encourage readers to retweet some of the content, here is the format for the link to do that:[username]%20[tweettext] %20[link]

The entire passage above is basically a long internet address (URL). Therefore, it’s not allowed to have spaces. “%20” is the ANSI code that represents a space. Web browsers will know how to interpret that and display it correctly.

Remember that everything which comes after the “=” sign must be a grand total of 140 characters or less (with “%20” counting as a single character).

Tweets that get retweeted are usually either entertaining, insightful, surprising, extremely useful or some combination of the above. Really great tweets can circle the globe in a matter of hours.

What do you suppose something like that might do for your bottom line?


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