We at Fat-Free Marketing Group are not just in it for ourselves. Of course, as a business, our goal is to make a profit. However another goal — just as important — is to make our world community a better place. That’s why we specialize in working with “green” technologies.

It’s also why we donate 10% of all the revenue we take in to

The money is used to buy animals which are donated directly to poor families around the world. These families use the animals to feed and support themselves. For instance collecting eggs, milk or wool. They can also breed the animals and either raise a herd or sell the newborns for a small profit.

In addition to at least 10% of all our revenues, to encourage sharing and spreading of our message, we will donate money to for every retweet you send. There is no limit to this offer and no purchase is necessary. You retweet, we donate. It’s that simple.


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