Why Hire A Copywriter?

Do you have a terrific product or service but have a hard time explaining it in concise, compelling terms?

Brochures, sales letters, emails and other written materials not as effective as they could be? Are they confusing, boring, too technical, too bland?

Maybe you’re doing everything right but getting overwhelmed because there’s just so much to do.

Wish you were more “green” but can’t be because of the industry you’re in?

If any of the above scenarios sound like you (especially the last one!) then let’s make time for a no cost, no obligation consultation. You show me what your company is about and what sort of marketing you’re doing already. I’ll come armed with curiosity, questions and maybe a few ideas.

You need someone who can explain your offer in simple, compelling  terms. Someone who keeps your customers and prospects engaged and ultimately closes the sale. Someone who can find the “green” in almost any business or industry.

  • If you’re ready for your prospects and customers to love your emails…
  • If you need more leads…
  • If you want to generate more attention online…

Then you need me!

I can’t wait to work with you to create clear, engaging copy that will make your customers rave and buy.


Here’s to your success!

Jeff Kontur