Long-Tailed Phrases

Long-tailed phrases

Think about how you do your own online searching. Rarely will you just search for a single word. More often you will put in phrases, combinations of words or even complete sentences.

When putting together the list of search terms associated with your ads, Google lets you do the same thing.

So if you’re a plumber, instead of just bidding on “plumbing” (which would be far too broad and have far too much competition) you could bid on “clogged pipes Delaware” or “bathroom leak Newark Delaware”. These are called long-tailed search terms.

Come up with as many combinations of these highly specific search terms as you like. You only pay when your ad is actually shown to someone and your ad will only be shown to someone if they do a search on one of your predefined search terms. By approaching it this way, the people who see your ads will have pre-qualified themselves by essentially saying, “I am searching for exactly what it is that you are selling.”

It’s the holy grail of advertising effectiveness.


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Retweet this passage With this approach, those who see your ads pre-qualify themselves by saying “I want what you’ve got.”

Retweet this passage It’s the holy grail of advertising effectiveness.