Customer Use

How do you get customers to use your app?

If your customers see some clear benefit to using it, all you’ll really need is to make them aware that your app is available. Try offering features or services via the app that they can’t easily get even directly from you or someone in your office. For example I’d much rather spend 30 seconds looking up my account balance or setting an appointment than five or more minutes on the phone having someone else do it for me.

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Should you charge for your app?

Unless your app has mass consumer appeal or the nature of your business is such that your customers would expect (and be willing) to pay for it, you are better off giving your app away for free. The cost to develop it is a one-time expense. After that, you can distribute an unlimited number of copies for no extra charge.

Think of it like an electronic marketing premium that gets your name in front of customers and prospects who will see your company’s name every time they use the app.

What about updates and ongoing support?

The point of this project is to attract new customers and to make your existing customers more loyal. There is no need for your app to always be cutting edge. Once it’s in a stable, releasable form it may even go as much as several years without needing to be updated if it was well designed in the first place.

If a flaw is found in the app, the original coder should agree to fix it for free or a substantially reduced cost. If that isn’t possible or you do wish to add new functionality, you can either go back to the original coder or return to any of the sites listed earlier to find a new developer to work on it.


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