Getting the programming Done

How do you get the programming done?

A good app should have no more than a handful of features. Too many and it becomes both expensive for you to build and confusing for your customers to use. Even just one great feature can be enough to sustain an app.

You don’t have to be a technical expert. Just write out in detail what you want done and how each function should work. Then you can hire freelance programmers to do the work of building the app.

Freelance coding can be surprisingly affordable. Check out online services like:

  • Odesk
  • Elance
  • Rent-a-coder

Pricing will vary depending on the specifications you provide but even a fairly elaborate app should be well under $1,000. Most should be only a few hundred. With some of the sites mentioned above, you set the budget you are prepared to spend and the programmers will “bid” on the contract within the constraints you set.

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There are several major smartphone platforms. You don’t necessarily need to support all of them, but you should consider supporting at least the top two or three. Add more if your app proves popular and drives business your way. In approximate order of popularity, the major smartphone platforms are:

  • iPhone (iOS) – which can also run on iPod and iPad
  • Android – which also runs phones and many tablet devices
  • Windows – there are various incarnations of Windows from Windows 8/Metro to Windows CE
  • Blackberry and Blackberry enabled tablet devices
  • HP/Palm (also known as WebOS)

Once the core functionality has been developed, porting it to additional platforms is only incremental work and should cost a mere fraction of the initial development cost.



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