My Insurance Agent ROCKS!!

I love my insurance agent.

How many people can really say that? Insurance is one of those things we all resent having to pay for, especially because it’s mandatory.

These days, insurance companies sell mainly on claims that they have the lowest price. My agent’s company is no different and I assure you if we felt we were being gouged we’d jump ship in two seconds flat. The thing is, price is not our number one consideration.

This article was prompted because I just got off the phone with my agent. I was “randomly selected” by my state’s motor vehicles division for an insurance audit and called her to get the documentation I’d need to show that my car is properly insured. She not only agreed to provide the necessary documentation but also volunteered to just handle it all on my behalf.

No extra charge, no asking for a medal or a referral or any kind of recognition. She just handled it.

The thing is, it’s always that way.

Any time I call, no matter what the question or the issue, she is eager to help with a cheerfulness that makes game show hosts seem sedate.

She has also taken the time to get to know me personally. We talk about kayaking. She asks about Sue and the kids. I’ve met her dog, who she sometimes brings into the office.

Never once has she pushed me to buy coverage I don’t need or want. Never has she even asked me for a referral. So here I am giving one voluntarily. Because my insurance agent rocks.

If you want to be as happy with your insurance agent as I am with mine, call

Pam Steinebach

Nationwide Insurance


I think the message, as it relates to marketing is obvious so I won’t belabor the point too much.

Great customer service, especially in this age when it is so rare, is highly valuable as a marketing tool.