Targeting your ads

One way to ensure that your ad is only seen by likely prospects is through targeting. In addition to only showing your ad to people who are searching for terms pertaining to your line of business, you can further refine it so that only prospects within geographic areas you define get to see your ads.

So if you’re an attorney, you might opt to only show your ads to people within a 20 mile radius of your office. After all, someone from Bangladesh finding your ad will do no good to either of you. Or perhaps your office is near the border between two states and you are licensed to practice in one but not the other. You can limit your ads to only be shown where you are licensed to do business.

In some cases, you can even limit your ads to certain demographic groups. Be warned: because Google doesn’t collect and store demographic data for everyone who uses its search service, it can’t always apply demographic filtering to all users.  (Facebook advertising is more effective at demographic filtering.)



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