Even Just $1-$2 Could Help Treat as Many as 437 People!

Sue and Rasta out Kayaking

That’s not an exaggeration. My partner Sue spoke recently with the organizers of the medical mission she wants to go on in November. She asked them how many patients she would be likely to see and treat during her time there. Based on similar missions done in the past, they said that each nurse would treat roughly 437 patients over the course of two weeks. (Numbers for the doctors vary by specialty.)

Multiplied by the number of doctors and nurses planning to go on this trip, the numbers are just staggering!

What that also means is that if we can’t raise enough to go, 437 people who need medical care may not get it. Or at least will have to wait for the next medical mission or try to get it from their already overtaxed local medical personnel.

Even a contribution of just a few dollars goes toward helping her get there. For only ten dollars, you will get to see photos of all of the doctors and nurses working their butts off to make the world a better place.

If everyone who reads this passes it on to just a handful of others, and if even a few of those people get involved and decide to contribute, the results could be amazing. And you’ll have the gratitude of 439 people, me and Sue included.

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Special Note: Fundraising closes 9/30/2012